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    Australian Embassy

    Post  James Rellori on Tue Mar 13, 2012 3:13 pm

    Hey Guys, Im sure anyone who hangs in IRC would normally see me in IRC, I am the only eAustralian Ambassador to eEgypt and the rest of the eMiddle east region and has been since the three countries were formed.

    We are currently in a conflict of Argentina, Which involved on their part war, PTO attempts and spreading rumors, While we have stayed civil as we have throughout our whole Erepublik history.

    Our Cabinet:

    Prime Minister (CP): Larni

    Deputy Prime Minister (dCP): greenimp

    Advisors: Mack Craft, Xavier Griffith, Majester, Venja, srg91

    Chief of Staff: Jon Malcom

    Minister of Finance : James Keane
    dMoF: Paul Keating

    Minister of Defence: Mudkip McMudkip
    dMoD: StanEslah

    Minister of Foreign Affairs : McMatty
    dMinister of Foreign Affairs: Arolia, witherd1, Klonam

    Minister of Immigration : Arfman
    dMinister of Immigration: Madcow, Phoenix Green

    Minister of Information: Kaltiz
    dMinister of Information:

    Ministers of New Player Relations and Education: Arolia, Jon Malcom
    Senate Liason: Phoenix Green

    Ambassador Program: Klonam, Arolia.

    Our forums:

    Embassy post in eAustralia:

    (May require signup to forums to view)


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