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    Seif777 Congress Presentation


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    Seif777 Congress Presentation

    Post  Seif777 on Mon Apr 16, 2012 5:17 pm

    farao Egypt Has took revenge from countries tried to Take our land , The Campaign did not finish.
    We need first to take our land from Cyprus Then We build our self s And THEN WE CONQUER.
    I Am (Seif) Running for Congress and country presidency to help People and to help OUR country together.
    Firstly, People have needs and i am here to help and represent you AND GIVE YOU.
    Secondly , I WILL NOT Take the country's Administration My self and other congress members I WILL First Discuss The topic with you and i will take the choice YOU WANT. As A Law Studier in London In Ravens wood School in Bromley , I will apply Real World Techniques.

    One More Thing

    Yes We Can farao sunny

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