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    Your Duties as a Member of the Majlis Al-Sha'ab

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    Your Duties as a Member of the Majlis Al-Sha'ab

    Post  Akhraziel on Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:33 am

    As an elected member of the Majlis Al-Sha'ab there is a minimum level of effort expected of you each month.

    1. Complete Weekly Sign in:
    Every week, (usually Sunday-Monday) a weekly sign in will be posted on the Egypt forums in the Majlis Al-Sha'ab. Signing in each week by providing a post in the format asked for by the Speaker of the Assembly or Deputy Speaker of the Assembly is crucial for establishing Quorum (the minimum number of votes required to pass a proposal). If you are not completing weekly sign in, you probably should not be in congress and your name might be sent to your party president.

    2. Approve citizenship for only authorized Citizens:
    As a member of the assembly you have the authority to provide citizenship to foreign players. Granting citizenship to dangerous foreign citizens, can cause significant damage to the country that may last for months. As an member of the assembly you are responsible for every person you approve. Many enemies will message you asking for approval, they may have avatars of pretty girls, or fake Egyptian Military borders. Do not be fooled if you do not know the citizen, refer them to the Ministry of Immigration and seek guidance from the current director either on IRC in #Egypt.immigration or this forum for guidance.

    3. If you do not know how to vote on an in game proposal, DON'T VOTE
    Proposals made by our Country President are generally safe, but Mutual protection pacts, Peace Treaties, and proposals from other assembly persons may require you to check the forums first.
    -MPPs Approved by the President

    4. Verify donation proposals from the President, Speaker of the Assembly, or Deputy Speaker of the Assembly
    All members of the assembly should make sure that donations are legitimate. We have had a lot of money stolen from the country accounts by PTOers, as a assembly member you should be prepared to make sure you don't give them money by accident.

    5. Use your proposals to donate currency from the country accounts to the National Bank of Egypt
    For new members of congress its important to distinguish from the eRepublik Country accounts, which uses money to pay new citizen fees, MPPs, etc and the National Bank of Egypt. Generally speaking money we make from taxes or donations are deposited into our country account and then we transfer money to the National Bank of EGypt to pay for government programs and the military. To help move money from the useless game account to the more flexible National Bank of eGypt account follow the procedures here.

    6. Do Not make proposals in game first without discussion on the Egyptian forums
    All proposals made by congress are subject to debate here on the Egyptian forum before making a proposal in game. As a member of the Majlis Al-Sha'ab you only get two proposals a term so use them wisely, since proposals no longer grant XP, you should never make proposals as jokes. Impeachment of the President is a very serious proposal, one that can only be proposed once every 7 days.

    7. Participate in discussions in a respectful manner:
    This is a game with many different players with different ideas, whether you agree or disagree with another assembly person's ideas remember to critique the proposal not the person. Personal attacks, name calling or questioning the motives of your fellow assembly members is a good way to get yourself ignored.

    8. Help Communicate to new players in your region
    While not required, it is considerend good policy to message new citizens living in your elected regions on a weekly basis. Asking them if they need help is a good way to help retention and also make new friends. Often the difference between a person staying or quitting can come down to whether they got a message offering them help.

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