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    Citizenship Approval Rules

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    Citizenship Approval Rules

    Post  Akhraziel on Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:44 am

    Citizenship Approval Rules for Congressmen

    1. Approval of Citizenship Requests
    Citizenship approvals shall follow the rules promulgated by the Ministry of Immigration. Failure to follow these rules may result in censure or another admonishment by the Speaker of the Assembly.

    2. Failure to follow Ministry of Immigration Procedure for granting citizenship
    Any assembly member that does not follow the citizenship approval procedure promulgated by the Ministry of Immigration (or does not give a prompt explanation for the approval) when granting citizenship faces censure from the Speaker of the Assembly, up to a ban. Said censure cannot last more than 1 month unless the majlis votes to extend it. Whether an offense merits any censure is entirely up to the Speaker of the Assembly or the Majlis Al-Sha'ab as a whole (via vote). Majlis can vote to overturn any censure at any time.

    This bill does not add/remove/change any part of the procedure for granting citizenship or upkeep of the Ministry of Immigration blacklist.

    3. Selling Citizenship is Illegal

    It shall be illegal for any elected Assembly member to sell citizenship for items, gold or money of any currency. If evidence is found of an assembly member selling citizenship, a proposal for censure shall be initiated and voted on by the Majlis.

    4. Censure of Congressmen who approve Blacklisted citizen applications

    Any Assembly member who approves the citizen request of a player on the Ministry of Immigration Blacklist will be banned from the Assembly forums and, at the leisure of the forum admins, the Egyptian forums.

    a) This can be overturned by a vote from the Majlis, or by the Speaker of the Assembly within a week of the banning.
    b) This ban is effective until the Majlis votes to remove it
    c) Any party that runs this candidate again recognizes the fact that the candidate will not be able to serve congress in all but the most basic in-game functions.

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